Karter joined the Next Level Basketball Academy (NLBA) family a few years ago after struggling with his ball handling, scoring and most importantly, his confidence. Even though he historically was a good shooter, he was not able to find ways to put himself into a position to score. His love for the game was starting to dwindle and his confidence was at an all-time low.

Coach Jared and Coach Brandon worked with Karter in the coming months to rebuild his confidence and take his game to The Next Level. Karter has progressed from a player who struggled to dribble under pressure, to a player who can push the ball up the court. He has learned to make the right basketball decision: pass, shoot, drive or pull the ball back out. His shooting and ability to score are far beyond where they were just two short years ago and most importantly, his confidence is at an all time high and his love for the game has been reinvigorated.

“Jared and Brandon have helped me be more confident with my ball handling skills and shooting. This has allowed me to expand my game.” – Karter

What sets NLBA apart from other training programs, are the lessons taught on and off the court: Respect, Leadership, Listening, Confidence and Teamwork. Karter’s growth has far exceeded his basketball skills, providing him life lessons that will carry him forward in years to come.

A tremendous thanks to Jared and Brandon for all they have done to bring the love of the game back into the heart of a young baller! We look forward to seeing his continual growth in the coming years.

— "Next Level Basketball Academy has proven to be the best basketball training program for my teenage son.  My son has attended other basketball academies and camps in the FM area, but none have been as rewarding or as professional as NLBA.  I can trust NLBA to both encourage and challenge my son to achieve greater results and be a valued player on his school basketball team.  The instruction at NLBA is top-notch and I wholeheartedly recommend them."
Team Focused, Energetic, Well-Run Program
— Next Level Basketball Academy is a team focused, energetic, well-run program. We were looking for a place our daughter could improve her basketball skills, be held accountable for her growth, and not get lost in the group. NLBA has exceeded our expectations not only in basketball skills but also basketball IQ. Jared and the team at NLBA are 100% focused on the players and raising the bar. They are in tune to the skills of each player and challenge them to take the next step in the game. Our daughter is more confident, a better ball player, ball handler, defender, and shooter because of NLBA. We cannot say enough about NLBA and recommend their programs to anyone looking to take the next step in their game.
Drastic Physical and Mental Improvements
— "Training with The Next Level Basketball Academy was a fantastic experience! Through working with Jared, my game improved drastically both physically AND mentally. I learned not only how to "play" the game, but how to "think" the game too. We always worked hard and we always had fun! Training with The Next Level Basketball Academy was a fantastic experience!"

“Take Your Game To The Next Level!”